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Friday, November 6, 2020

WhatsApp status in English

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Sentences 😅 so # are countless. # Life_ does not understand_ whether to write #book_ or write #account ..

Whatsapp status english
WhatsApp status 2021 english

 Let's give you a condition… I will love you more than your father… but show me loving you more than my mother…

 The way our life is different, we live on our hope, not on our hope ..

 I like people lifting fingers on me, because they think less of themselves and more of me .. !!

 Do not misguide to test my luck, I have already turned many storms…

 Your precious thing will be yours, but we too are priceless, not everyone gets it.

 # Of course our gang is small .. but the members keep it like all sutan mirza…

 We do not take even 10% battery warring serious, anyone's useless things are very far away ..

 If you talk about these bullying, you have done it by thinking, son, because you have written the book from which you have learned.

 Do not give my Sharafat the name of an extinguished heart, as long as there is a horse, the book is still a toy !!

 I like those people who hate me, because if I see someone with a piercing, I will not see you.

 Do not show the air of your weapon, the day I lost your hand, on that day your blooms will be found in the dustbin and you will get in the dust

 Now I have brought a little silence in my life, I will show the power when I am coming.

 His friends said that he stays online all day long ... My friend said that the account is his VIP and don't hit the queue indirectly, that Bf is mine ...

 Today, the whole weather is pleasant, I want to embrace you.

Ishaq remained our CLasSic, just Kila to FLakE and then FLakE to Gold_Flake.

 Brother, I have given the right to speak only to friends. Otherwise, even today Dushman still recognizes us from his father.

 My status is like drugs, once habitual, it is difficult to remain unread.

 If you want to hear the sound of meru beats, then put your head on my chest, promise is my love will resonate in your ears all my life.

 Showing Attitude Block He is taking time in a few minutes to calculate my separation from him in days and hours.

 Discussions of their own Attitude will now be on the tongue of everyone… Those who see us and laugh today will be our slaves tomorrow

 Love wants love, some people are like slippers, but they give mud from behind.

 Hum Mohabbat 1 is the star in Attitude …… ..first be it the beauty of beauty or the enemy is his own fan

 Dushman is not ours in this world, but at first glance, if you see someone…. Take heart or join hands


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